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Did You Know . . .

What type of animal Chilly Willee is?

Guess What?

Chilly Willee is not a seal.

Actually, Chilly Willee is a sea lion. Many people confuse seals with sea lions. When you last saw
a seal perform at a marine animal show, you probably really saw a sea lion. Seals, such as the harbor seal, are shaped more like a torpedo. Sea lions can turn their hind flippers forward to move around on land better than seals can.

Sea lions are fascinating animals.

Chilly Willee - Sea Lion
They can dive down 1000 feet or more and can
swim 25 miles per hour underwater. Males like Chilly Willee can weigh 600 pounds and will eat 85 pounds of food a day.
Safety Tips:
1. If you’re not sure how to operate the stove or oven,
ask a grown-up for help.

2. Always use oven mitts or pot holders when placing or
removing things from the oven.

3. Be careful about where your fingers are when cutting
or slicing food, and use a cutting board to protect the
counter top. Remember to keep your cutting board and tools clean to prevent the spread of bacteria.
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